Looking for cheap memory - 64 or 128 MB

A friend asked me if I could help him with his PC because it’s really slow… He thought it was due to viruses, but I discovered that his main problem is running Windows on 64 MB! It was like waiting for Christmas to do anything@#$%!
He’s a non-native English speaker and doesn’t have much spare change (but he’s a fine DJ! ;-). Does anyone have any old 64 or 128MB RAM sitting around collecting dust that they’d like to sell real (real) cheap?
btw, the “friend” is not me :wink: hehe
you can e-mail mraulstonATyahooDOTcom or call 0918 423 042

You might want to state what kind of RAM , the standard today is DDR, but judging by that system’s age it might be SDRAM you are looking for, PC133 or PC100, double or single sided (high density), etc.

Some of the older mobo’s more finiky with their RAM…

If you, or anyone else, is looking for 128 MB of PC133 SDRAM. I have three of them I will let go for free or shipping. Just to make sure it is what you need:

2 - Kingston KVR-PC133/128R
1 - Buffalo VS133-128M

webdoctors - i think that the current 64 MB card is PC100…
But I have another old computer (600 MHz Celeron) that just has 128MB; it should take something a little more modern.
beatnikmao - thanks for the ram; i’ll let you know how it goes!