Looking for chihuahua breeders

Is there someone who knows a CHIHUAHUA Breeder in TAIWAN please ?
or someone who sell Chihuahuas ( puppies ) ?

If yes contact : lavieebella@hotmail.com

Well I’ll try to give some hints, as I come across researching dog breeds in Chinese terms (it’s fun really). Chihuahua is called 芝娃娃

You can find all dogs term in Chinese here if you come across a term not knowing what it is


I find many awkward.

I’ve searched the internet for it, most are individuals selling but perhaps you can ask the local, now you know the name of it.

If I find something I’ll update here.

So the Chinese term for Chihuahua is “fungus baby”:slight_smile:

OK, here is a suggestion… How about saving one of this cute dogs that actually NEED a home? Otherwise you are just contributing to Taiwan’s doggy farm/street dog problems!

Have a nice day.

I am, but I don’t usually tell people about it.