Looking for christian supplies (bibles, t-shirts, hats, etc)

Can anyone please tell me where I might find Christian supplies in Taipei?
I am specifically looking for English bibles, t-shirts, hats, and Christian cd’s.
I have been to the place on Zhongshan Rd. next to Cave’s books and Subway but I did not see exactly what I was looking for.
Can anyone tell me where there is another Christian supply store in Taipei?
Thank you for your time.

I think there’s one in GongGuan, on the west side of Roosevelt, on the corner across from HsinHseng S. Rd.

Or there abouts.

Google is your friend. I Googled “Christian books Taipei” and got some possible leads, but I’ll leave it to you to go check them out:

google.com/search?sourceid=n … oks+taipei

Good luck! :rainbow:

Stray Dog’s right on target - it’s called Campus Books.


There’s a ellim or whatever bookstore close to a mall near the zhongshao dunwha station… they sell lots of christian stuff… its in the basement near a mall… not sure the street…

I think there is a St Paul’s bookstore (or a store connected to the St Paul order) on Zhongxiao W Road, between Zhongshan and Taipei Main Train Station (near the Cosmos hotel)

St Paul’s Books and Media Center
Tel 2599-2890
#21, Zhongxiao West Road, Sec. 1, just off the corner of Zhongshan N. Road

From Taipei Main Station MRT, take Exit 3 and turn left. It is beyond the Cosmos Hotel, next to Kander.com.tw