Looking for Climbing Partner!

If you climb or want to go climbing in the evenings or day time contact me.

Where would you go for climbing?

-Ipoh Heights

there’s some good stuff on the north coast of Taiwan, and Taroko Gorge would be fucking amazing. I don’t have any equipment here aside from 50ft of webbing, some beeners and two pieces of rope for making a slack-line. Otherwise, I’d be down for climbing…maybe once I start getting a steady income I can buy some shoes and a harness and we can get together if you can provide everything else. I suck pretty bad, though…so nothing above a 5.10 for me, and even then, I’ll be struggling.


How is this place? Can I rent equipment (harness, shoes, the works) there and are there lessons? I haven’t climbed in a year and I doubt I remember anything. I was thinking about goin Sat. mornin and I could use a partner or even better a teacher.

I’m always ready to take the day off and go climbing or bouldering. didn’t bring much gear with me - shoes, harness, couple of belay devices… i’ll email you

Anyone else that’s interested in climbing in Taipei, here’s a damn good website about it.


Indoor Gyms

Taipei Youth Activity Center.
9F, No. 17, Ren Ai Rd. Sec 1, Taipei City
02 2343-2388
Corner of Lin Sen S. Rd.
MRT: NTU Hospital Exit 2

Open Hours M-F
1600-1900 $125
1900-2300 $150

Classes available Sat 1900-2200 $2000.

Jhonghe Bouldering Gym (South of Taipei City)
B2, No. 293 Jhong Shan Rd. Sec. 2,
02 2246-9456
MRT: Jingan Station then bus 262

Open Climbing M-F
1800-2200 $80
S-S $100

Belay On!