Looking for co-op gamers (PSP, PC)

Heya, I’m really into co-op type games, like Left 4 Dead, Monster Hunter and pretty much anything that takes teamwork and runs on either the Sony PSP or the PC. I’m getting a bit sick of playing with random people online and can’t seem to find anyone in my group of friends who are really into games.

So, anyone out there up for some gaming? For PSP stuff I don’t mind trekking out and meeting at a coffee shop or something for a PSP gaming session. PC gaming over the net is also fine.

Stuff I’m into right now:
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Untold Legends (1 or 2)
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 (When it releases in Feb)
Army of Two the 40th day (When it releases… uh… tomorow…)

PC Games:
Got a huge thing for Zombie killing lately… so
Killing Floor
Left 4 Dead (the first one)

Generally willing to go out and buy a game if somebody else has it and wants to play. Also have 2 PSPs for stuff like Monster Hunter.

I promise not to be that weird dude you regret ever giving your contact details to. (…mostly…)

I only have MH:F and MHP:2G.

If you want to get some coop, pick up Phantasy Star Portable 2. I found it in Gunghua for like 1100 and was quite pleased with the purchase.