Looking for distillers yeast

Looking for distillers yeast. Anything. That can take over 10 abv, 15 or betterp referred. Looking for a source in taiwan if its not a controlled thing. Cheers for any input :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to find a qualified supplier here, so I bring it in when I travel. Amazon sells Red Star yeast, though I haven’t worked with that. Alternatively, contact the DIY Beer Supply store in Taichung. They mainly sell brewing yeasts, but might be able to get you some distillers yeasts if you ask nicely.

In the end it depends a lot on what you want to make. Unless it’s vodka, rum or whisky, a wine or sake yeast might give you enough yield to play with.

Cheers. Will try that out see if they have something that can tolerate higher. In the end guess a wine would work too, always wanted to try brandy.

If mail order some, is this something that is technically a nono here? Home made used to be frowned upon severly if caught.

You’re making moonshine, or you just want to brew something high-alcohol?

Tried champagne yeast? I think that’ll generally tolerate something close to 20%.

Also … I’ve heard just putting in a larger-than-usual charge of yeast at the beginning gives you a greater chance of getting to a higher % when it stalls out. Can’t say I’ve ever tried it.

It’s handled as a food product in terms of customs. You shouldn’t have major issues.

Actually for personal consumption, you should be fine. But if you want to sell, you need to register as a alcohol producer, which comes with all kind of issues.

The bigger risk is probably that the vapours are highly flammable/combustible. So you need a good extraction system.

For the record there is I, me or we in this scenario. Asking for the uncle of a friend of a friend :slight_smile:

But higher % is needed. Mostly fruit brews. Some may be “boiled”.

Champaign yeast would work just fine. Is that available here? Ive never actually found a ubrew or supply type shop in taiwan before.

Want to avoid too much yeast of low perce t if at all possible.

@rooftopclown. Good to know. I expect that for yeast (like baking, bread etx) but would these specialty yeasts also? I worry as many laws also follow intent and labelling is an issue (champaign, brewers, distillers etc being mentioned on the label.

Certainly not for sale. Just looking for a nice way to use up damaged produce from the farm :slight_smile:

Good mention about vapours. Am well aware of the safety protocols on higher % so no worries :slight_smile:

I just buy this stuff on eBay. Never had any problems. As far as I know yeast isn’t anything to concern the authorities, even if it’s for brewing purposes.

Unless you’re intending to import several kilos of it, I suppose …

Let us know how you get on. It’s one of those things I’ve been curious about trying (purely for educational purposes of course) but it sounds a bit dangerous and/or complicated. Don’t want to end up drinking a nice glass of methanol.

EDIT: yeah, it’s there. Lalvin EC-1118. It’s even advertised as being for moonshine purposes :slight_smile:

That shouldn’t be much of an issue if you are conservative with your cuts. I distill mainly grains, so barely get any methanol. Once you work with fruits high in pectin you have to be a bit more careful.

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Thanks! I didn’t realise the nature of the substrate makes a difference.

Grains also generally have an extra step in the beginning. But none of it is too difficult if you read up first and dont get stingy on cutting stuff out.

You probably mean… brewer’s yeast?

Same deal but strains meant for distilling dont die off until the mid to high teens

Got any luck?

So far not within taiwan. But these days out of town lots working so hasnt been priority numero uno