Looking for English course (as a student)


Hi! My wife and I recently moved to Taipei.

My wife is a native Spanish speaker and looking to continue studying English while here. In conversation she already communicates well but is looking to advance further, with the ultimate goal of being able to comfortably use English in a professional environment, perfecting use of grammar and improving writing, maybe taking TOEFL/IELTS at some point, etc.

We’ve tried walking into a few English schools that we’ve seen while out and about, but haven’t found what we are looking for. Maybe the teaching community can help point us in the right direction here?

We are looking for:

  • Small group classroom style course (max 10 people), 1:1 not really desired
  • Daytime classes (not evenings/weekends)
  • 2-6 months course duration (i.e. not 4yr undergraduate programs)
  • Part time (10-20 hours per week?)
  • Teachers are native speakers
  • Learning environment and materials 100% in English (i.e. not using supplementary Chinese-language resources to support learning)
  • Central Taipei

Thanks for any suggestions



You might want to try the British Council in Xinyi. They’re twice as expensive as typical cram schools, though.

Their main strength is a lot of their students have been abroad so they tend to be more active in class.

EDIT: They have a maximum of 18 students per class, but the weekday classes rarely reach that. I haven’t worked there for four years so YMMV.