Looking for English speaking eye doctor (in Shida area)

Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

I went to an eye doctor located on Fuxing Nth Rd/Nanjing East Rd. I’ll double check on the address over the next few days, but I’m certain it’s on Fuxing Nth Rd, so if you have a motorbike it shouldn’t be a problem locating it.

The assistants couldn’t speak English but the doctor was quite fluent. She was very helpful.


The Big Babou

If you want a real eye doctor and not just someone to give you some glasses, there’s a clinic on the west side of Jianguo, just south of Heping East Road. The clinic specializes in eyes and feet. :?

Finding an English-speaking doctor in Taiwan, however, isn’t difficult. Most doctors will have a command of at least the English words pertaining to their field.

For my glasses, I’ve always gone to a place in Nanshijiao. Certainly better than anything I ever got in the States (or Hong Kong or China).

If it helps, the place emntioned in my post above was actually a clinic, rather than a place to get glasses. I went there due to having an eye infection, and the doctor presecribed an ointment which did the trick. As it was the first (and hopefully, only) time this type of thing had happened, I’m not really in a position to judge the worth of the doctor…

There was another time I went to RenAi Hospital to check out a football injury (cut above my eye). I was rushed up to the eye specialist, who cleaned, inspected and treated the area. No problems with his English ability…

So, why don’t you try the hospital in Shida?


The Big Babou

I can’t remember seeing many glasses for sale.I went to the doctor mentioned in mmy post