Looking for evening Mandarin classes/tutoring sessions in Taipei this summer

I am an American university student who will be spending two months working in Taipei this summer. I am just finishing up my third semester of 中文,and I am hoping to continue my Mandarin studies while I am in Taipei. I’m concerned that I won’t really have an immersive language experience due to the prevalence of English, and so I want to take active steps to further my Chinese progress while I am in Taiwan. I will be working 9-6 Monday through Friday, so a tutor with a flexible schedule or some kind of evening class would be ideal. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi there,
I am a native, and live in Taipei. I am currently a teacher teaching children English in a cram school, and I have over 7 years of teaching experience. I am now taking a TCSOL course and will soon get the certificate in late June/ early July. I have been a teacher assistant in a private mandarin after school in London when I was doing my MA there, and have been a private Chinese tutor for almost a year. I love teaching, and I am also a patient teacher! Please let me help you! :smiley:
If you’re interested, please do not hesitate, email me! fiorellabravissima@gmail.com