Looking for excitment in Kenting!

My boyfriend and I are going to Kenting in a few weeks and we are looking for someting exciting to do. Need to kick start the juices and get the city blah out of us. Anything From the sky to the sea works for us. We have our open water, do you know a good dive shop that leads dives? Or perhaps white water rafting or paragliding. I Saw some info on these things anyone done it and can shed light?

I did a dive in Kending in March and was quite pleased with it. Sorry but I can’t remember the dive shop’s name. It’s located in a large white building that stands alone about 10 minutes before you get to Kending. It has a large PADI and dive flag on the outside. It was a shore dive at one of the nearby beaches called Hubahu. The guide was great and the dive was quite good. Not too many fish but an impressive amount of soft coral.


There are numerous dive shops in the Kending area. Most of them sport a PADI flag or sticker or something. My advice: Go and check it out yourself. Check out the instructor, his physical condition (I mean he’ has to save you if the sh*&t hits the fan, hasn’t he?), his establishment, equipment, etc. You mentioned an open water certificate? Should be easy for you then to see which shop is better. Also, it’s really not all that pricey… competition between the places is enormous. They are literally side by side on the street with people flagging you down, showing you where to park, and handing out free samples of the local binglang.

There’s a dive/surf shop called Fu Dog about ten minutes outside of Kending. Their number is 08 8897141 and the dive operator’s name is Sammy Hawkins. I’ve never been diving with them but I had a card so I figured I’d pass on the info. Stan is right though, there are lots of options to choose from in that area.