Looking for expat coffee drinkers

Hello, if anybody is interested, my Taiwanese company is looking for 5 expatriate coffee drinkers to try our new product for free: herbal drip (non-instant) coffee. We are offering 3 packets of 10 grams each to 5 people in exchange for their honest feedback. 100% natural ingredients. If you live in Taiwan and are interested, please reply to me personally and we’ll send you the samples. Have a nice day. Here’s the company’s link: https://www.facebook.com/CoNutri-English-316498455197350/


I wouldn’t mind trying these out. Will send you a PM. :slightly_smiling_face:

Count me in!

In too!

I’m drinking my daily coffee right now. I’m in; I’ll send you a PM.

Yes! Thanks

Hi Steve, that’s awesome. I’m awaiting your message. Take care.

Hi, I’m glad to hear. Can you please send me a PM? Take care.

Hi Rick, that’s great. Can you please send me a PM?

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Thank you, Andrew. I’m awaiting your message. Have a great day.

OK, I think PM @Lori_CoNutri is the basic idea here :slight_smile:

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