Looking for fellow DJ's and like-minded people

After reading this, not sure if it belongs in this group, but figure it’s related to clubs and the people that go there, so please redirect this post if necessary
I’ve been in Taiwan a little over a year now and have made DJ’ing a second priority. I’ve decided to turn my attention back to DJ’ing. I’ve got a lot of my vinyl and my turntables sitting here in my apartment, but no audience (save my girlfriend and an occasional friend that drops in) to listen to it. So now I need to find is a job and some like-minded people.

Any dj’s out there (kaohsiung area) looking for a place to spin on any given night? I’m guessing the chances of me finding anyone down here is slim to none, but figured I’d ask. Even if you don’t spin, just like the music, it’s all good. Would like the company. I spin anything from house to Hard progressive trance, but have mostly Tribal House with me.

Anyhow, just figured I’d give a yell and see if anyone answered. I don’t think I’ll check back here too often, so an email is cool. cplpan@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from someone.

I dont know of any deejays down in kaoshiung… (Taichung and Taipei i know quite a few) - TaipeiNightLife.com caters mainly to the Taipei club scene but you could always give a yell out there aswell.