Looking for Football Manager 2013

Hi, I’m new in Taiwan, so not familiar with where i could purchase a PC game in a store. Im specifically looking for Football Manager 2013 which came out around 2 weeks ago. I cannot purchase online nor download it for some reasons, so the only way for me is to purchase in the store. Does anybody know a place i might be able to find it?

You might try the underground mall in Taipei City station. There are several game stores in the Z section I think.

Guanghua computer market at Songjiang road and Civic Blvd.
Nova at Zhongxiao road and Zhongching road (by the main train station)

I have an inexplicable urge to buy Sim City 4. I’m trying to supress it.

I had some difficulty purchasing it on steam a few weeks ago, not sure if this is what you’re also experiencing but in case it is, here’s the advice from steam support - it worked:

[quote]Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

Our records indicate that your purchase was declined due to your current IP address differing from your billing information.

You will need to use the following link through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to complete your transaction.


Please bookmark this link for continued purchasing while you are traveling out of your native country.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you encounter any further difficulty.[/quote]

If that doesn’t help then my best advice would be not to buy it. Get into crack cocaine or jaffa cakes, they’re much less addictive! :slight_smile: