Looking for friends in Taoyuan city

I am Taiwanese, 31y, female. I lately moved to Taoyuan from Taipei, gonna be here for few months but almost all my friends are in Taipei so my life here is pretty boring now (wonder around the city alone, jog alone etc…). I’m pretty easy going and I’m open minded to different kinda activities. If you are interested or have any good advice, please let me know. Thank you!

Taoyuan is really boring :slight_smile: There is nothing to do here :slight_smile:

Some less industrial parts of Taoyuan would be nice for raising a family, but for an unmarried young person, it’s pretty low on the list of fun places in Taiwan.

Commentary based on: Lived in Luzhu Township (to become Luzhu City soon, before it becomes Luzhu District of the upgraded Taoyuan City just months later) for half a year.

Personally, I am shocked and amazed to discover that I shall be frequenting said Dirty’Ol’Town on a fegular basis.
Karma is a boomerang.

Man, Taoyuan is one mighty slam down bring down.
Even Zhong-li is better than that.
And that’s saying sumwhat?!

Advice: Check out nearby Tiger Head Mtn. And a nearby Japanese Shrine.
Other than that, go to high ground. Head up to the mountains.
Or the Yangmei/Longtan Ridge.
Anywhere, but there.


Haha it’s bringing it all back to me. Zhongzheng road and the scooter rides of madness , taking the temple roundabout, trying to find tiny pubs in back streets, the Taoyuan egg, dodgy electronic music and Internet cafes, big trips to Nankan for the shopping, who can ride to Zhongli the fastest on the old 1.
The 3rd level of hell but I guess it’s what you make of it.

Hello Every one, its been 10 day I arrived in toayuan. IT is boring here. Work and stay near taoyuan station. Looking for connections, hangouts. Lived in Europe for few years. Cooking, massage, Nature walk… this morning I cloud on the nearest hill hotau are free time activities. Just send me sms.