Looking for Go-Karts near BanQiao

Hi there, my name is David and my one of company headquarters’ employee is coming to Taiwan this week. I would like to take him to the nearest Go-kart place (I live in Ban-qiao). I remember been to a go-kart place somewhere in Xin-Diang when I was a bit younger but I can’t quite recall the location.

Basically I’d like to know if anybody can provide me a few Go-Kart places that are near Ban-Qiao, thank you very much. (An address and/or phone numbers would be very nice)

There’s a Go-Kart place next to Ocean World opposite the Shi Lin night market. Dunno if that helps. Does it really have to be near Banqiao? They have taxis in Taiwan, you know.

The go karts I go to are in Daxi, ChungLi and Mioali.

The Daxi one is small, but it is good as it has small karts too and my boy can drive by himself.

The Chungli one is a pretty decent one, nice track, nice lounge area, fast karts, two seaters with twin steering so my boy can still drive and they have the real fast karts for hire too, but they are a bit pricey.

The Mioali one is about 600metres long and the karts are quite fast, too. but it is in Mioali, which is quite a hike from Taipei.

I have seen one in Hsintien area, but I can’t remember exactly where I think it was on the road that goes over the bridge from YongHe if that helps.

Really??? There is a kart centre neat Shihlin Night Market. Didn’t know that. I may check it out.


  1. The Go-kart at the Jungle game plaza was shut down. It used to be at the B2F but now they have changed it to a bowling alley.

  2. I am in need of finding that Xindian Go-Kart place :unamused: Please help!!! :sunglasses:

The one you’re probably thinking of, on the bank of the river between Xindian and Zhonghe, was torn down for the construction of the new bridge.

There’s one in Taoyuan, about 10 min drive from the highway exit, it’s the only one I know of, but it was only finished last summer, so it’s a nice new big track.