Looking for headphones, mic, L-shaped connector

Seems to be impossible to find, and I’m sick of headphone dying after 2 months because the connector bends over while in my pocket.

Help, please and thanks.

I’ve seen little L-shaped adapters for something like NT$50 in various 3C stores. Might be worth a try.

Sennheiser seems to have L-shaped connectors on most of its headphones shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=stor … _NO=ABAO4H

Audio-technica seems to have a fair few mic’s with L-shaped connectors shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=stor … e=3&show=0

Cool. Thanks.

The Sennheisers are REALLY marked up Taiwan, though. Pick them up next time you’re travelling, if it’s not urgent.