Looking for Help,suggestions,for finding a job/work

Hi i’m having trouble finding a Teaching job could anyone please give me some suggestions on how i could go about finding one…ive try everything from Posting Ads on Tealit, Agents, making flyers for private students…its very difficult at the moment finding a good Teaching job.

A little back ground about me, I’m 23yrs old from USA, I been living here for about 10 months, I do not have a degree…I taught at a kindergarten 6 months. i was laid off because i was replace by another foreigner could speak both English,and Chinesse.I do not speak Chinese.

I’m running out of money, i’m honestly scared and don’t no what to do? Please help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Donna

Legally, you’re not entitled to a work permit in Taiwan, then. That’s going to be a problem for a lot of schools. With the recent crackdowns on illegal teachers they’re understandably nervous.

Related to that, and I hope you don’t mind me asking this question, but how have you managed to stay in Taiwan for 10 months without an ARC? Are you a student? Legally you’re not entitled to stay in Taiwan on an extendable tourist visa for more than 6 months. I advise you to search through the Legal Forums on Forumosa because it sounds like you may be accidentally overstaying, if you have no legal work permit. The penalty could be deportation and a one year ban from Taiwan - get that sorted out!

I know this is not exactly the advice you were looking for, but…

Go study Chinese at a local school. At least you will be able to stay in the country legally as that will allow a visa.

But without a degree it’s certainly difficult and illegal to work as a teacher, Sorry. (Unless you teach your own students privately, but that takes a long time to build up the necessary network.)


There’s no way this Donna person is for real. Her post is full of Chinglish. She’s a poser!

Hmmm. Need we say anything?

That’s a new term for me. hahaha, anyway, on a serious note. Thanks for the concern about me possibly overstaying my VISA. I got that handled. I am holding a student VISA and i do the VISA runs every 6 months. i suppose i’ll keep doing what i’m doing. Applying, applying & applying. Eventually this legal crap will blow over.

Is there a quick course i can take that will enable to work as a teacher legally? Or is there other work here besides teaching? Any places you suggest looking?

Hey Donna,

The job market is very tight right now. Is there much sub work around? I know working as a sub is either feast or famine, but it might get you through this slow time.

It might be harder for folks without a degree to find a stable job as there are so many people coming over with degrees.

Good luck.

Are you Asian-American? I wonder if that is part of the reason you’re having trouble finding work (due to local prejudice).

I haven’t taught English for a while, and I’m sure DB and others know more about the present market than I do, but I’m amazed that there would be a difficult market looking for English teaching jobs here. A couple of years ago it seemed there was an insatiable need for teachers.

Print up a bunch of copies of a resume if you haven’t already, engage in the usual resume BS to make things look better than they really were, downplay your lack of a degree and DO NOT ever mention that unless asked outright, and then start pounding the pavement, starting near your apt and working outwards, applying at every language school you see. One place that couldn’t seem to satisfy their demand for teachers when I was in the field was Chingshan Language School, in an alley across from Taida near Eslite bookstore. They were good to me.

Good luck. Don’t get discouraged. I’m sure you’ll find work if you keep at it.

If you’re really desparate, there’s a sure fire way to land an English teaching job: look outside of Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and head to the minor cities that nobody else wants to go to. Yunlin County, for example - always starved for teachers because no one in their right mind would want to live there.

I’m with Erhu on this one. Donna is quite clearly a native Chinese speaker :slight_smile: