Looking for help with Taipei blog


I’m looking for some help writing posts for a website about Taipei.

Started 1 year ago, I’ve already built it into one of best ranking blogs in Taiwan, with many posts ranking on Google on the first or second page.

It covers food/drink/info/culture/events/attractions/sport. Basically, almost everything you can do in Taipei. I am mainly looking for people to help with bars/clubs/restaurants/events now.

If you think you could add value, and have a passion for eating/drinking out, along with a good knack for writing and photos - please drop me an email at:


I would prefer native/fluent English speakers, but if you are also fluent in Chinese and could translate my posts, that would definitely be a bonus!

My website is www.taipeitravelgeek.com

I know it doesn’t look that great currently, but I’ll be looking to improve it in the near future.

It ranks highly for general terms like cinema/brunch/bars/events/sim cards/easycard/youbike
Also ranks highly for many attractions including Maokong Gondola/Songshan Cultural and Creative Park/Taipei Zoo/Xinyi Shopping District
Also for individual bars/restaurants such as Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice/Sugar Pea Cafe/Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodles/On Tap/Acme Breakfast Club and dozens more

Try them in Google to see for yourself :slight_smile:

Website looks good. Are you paying for content or is it for the love of the game?

There are a few referral links in there already for things like Klook. I will be looking to add more, plus adverts at some point in the future.

So I’ll be willing to split any revenue earned, dependant on the number of posts :slight_smile:

Would you be open to exchanging links?

2004 called, it wants its terminology back.

internet was better back then tbh


If you have something worth linking, I’ll be happy to link to it.

But I honestly don’t think Google puts much weight to backlinks now, unless they’re from a website with a high domain authority score.

OK, I will give it some thought. I would have thought having a link from Forumosa to your blog would give you a lot of relevant exposure. The link could be in a banner campaign or in a navigation strip (at the top) or a sitemap (at the bottom)

Here is one calculation of the site’s Domain Authority Score. Looks like we have a way to go

My humblest apologies. I didn’t realise you started Forumosa!

Sure, I’d be very grateful if we could exchange links :slight_smile:

Would it be best to discuss via email?

No worries. Email or PM is fine. You can reach me at gus@forumosa.com