Looking for Hip-hop/R&B and Old School Joints

I’m looking for any forumosan who can help me. Let me explain. Way back I was a huge hip hop fan. I had tons and tons of cd’s vinyl etc. One female, who shall remain nameless, decided to sell off all my cd’s in an effort at revenge. It worked! Over 300+ gone! Long story short-- I never knew the names of all the stuff I liked, and much of the stuff I did like were either released on soundtracks, or on someone else’s lp. As well, a lot of groups were/are pretty obscure and only a hardcore fan would know. I guess that means I’m not so hardcore anymore, but what can I do? Sometimes I get rhymes or beats in my head, but I don’t know titles so I can’t download shit. Do you know where I can go on the web that might be able to help, or any other strategies that might work?

For example right now I want to get my hands on a copy of a song that I know has Def Squad artists and uses a classical sample and dates around 1998, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Perhaps we might be able to get a group going here.