Looking for hotel in zhongli

ahhhh sweet jhongli…i hear its beautiful this time of year :wink:

regardless, i am bunking overnight there this sat and it would be very helpful if someone could recommend a decent moderately priced hotel in the city that i could seek out on my arrival.

Here’s a list of the most popular business/tourist? hotels. Not sure what you mean by moderately priced, but I’d stay at the City Inn.

kuva-chateau.com.tw **** NT$6000+
chinatrust-hotel.com.tw/CRM/Default.aspx *** NT$3000+
cityinn.com.tw *** NT$2500+
parkhotel.com.tw ** NT$2500+
chungli-business-hotel.com.tw * NT$1600+
kingsparadise.com * NT$2000+

chung…great links. thanks.

i guess by moderately-priced, i meant somewhere in lower range of hotel list u provided…some of the rates u quoted a bit low compared to what’s quoted on their websites.

chung (or anyone else) know other hotels in area approx $1500-$2000??

There are basic hotels near the train station for around 1,200nt.

I had to live in one for a month when I first got here.

No name card but if you get desperate and have arrived coming from Taipei. Directions:

Turn left out of the train station and walk parallel to the track up that street. Around 150-200 metres and on your right will be a hotel. More up that direction as well. All similar prices.

Downside. No magnetic key. Simple breakfast.

Upside. Internet. I computer in the lobby. Reasonably quiet. I never got robbed while staying there. They also have some rooms with those sex chairs if your in the mood or get lucky or have a bad back or whatever.

if you’re driving, stay in one of the drive-in motels. far better deal than any of the hotels, which are usually twice the price for the same quality (or even less) …

ended up staying at the zhongli business hotel
Chungli (Zhongli)-business-hotel.com.tw

weekend discount brought single room down to $1500, good facilities and clean spacious room that also incl breakfast,gym,pool,ping pong. its a 10 minute walk from the train station.

recommended for anyone looking for decent accomodations in zhongli.