Looking for hotel reception type bells

Starters for ten!

Where the hell can I buy the type of bells you can slam?


You could probably steal one from any hotel?! Or ask them where they bought it. It seems I remember seeing them somewhere in Taiwan, give me awhile I may be able to think of where…

Do you mean the tacky paper bells used in decorating, or the ones the guests ring so the bride and groom kiss?

Paper bells… one of the party/balloon stores maybe. There’s one west of Sogo on Chung Hsiao, on your left as you walk to the Pho Hoa (I think) vietnamese noodle place.

Silver bells I’d just order on the 'net. Or go to one of those junk shops/export stores that carries gifty stuff and find some of the christmas ornaments. There are two of those not far from the party store I mentioned, on the street behind Sogo.


I think this is what you want, right Viba?


Goodness, how the heck did I read ‘wedding reception’? Sorry.

That virtual bell had my fingers twitching . I found something along the same lines more of a buzz than a ring but hey nevermind.
THX. Have a good weekend