Looking for info about which bicycle brands are sold in China

Hi all,

I’m wondering if any of you might be able to point me in the right direction to find out which bicycle brands are most popular (as in most sold) in China (that’s right, China, not Taiwan). I’m especially interested in any “Western” brands that might have succeeded in establishing themselves there.

Thanks for any help.

Lots of local brands, Forever being the famous one (in Shanghai at least) Giant and Merida both common too. Don’t recall seeing any western brands.

Yeah the only brands I saw in Beijing were Giant and a few Merida. They mostly seemed to be ‘made-in-china-for-china’, basically having awful/no-brand components, crappy suspension, and somewhat overpriced compared to what you’d expect in the UK.

Apart from that, there’s loads of chinese made trash brands. I just rode these disposable bikes, which (in 2010-2011) cost about 150-200kuai. It’s hardly worth a thief’s time to steal one, and street vendors can hack replacement parts onto them for next to nothing.

I’m not sure about other cities, but Beijing is almost entirely flat, and there’s a growing trend for hipster fixie bikes and components there, but I don’t know anything about them so I can’t vouch for the brands or quality, but they’re around if you are interested.

As for any western brands in general, I only saw one Norco DH rig which the guy had imported himself many years ago. I didn’t go scouting for western brands and I could be wrong, but i got the impression they weren’t generally available for sale around Beijing, only imported by enthusiasts.

cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/a … zed-rides/


consensus on many blogs and forums is that almost all except for windspeed are seriously incompetent amateurs who have absolutely no idea which end of the spanner should be inserted into their ass.

Chengdu had Giant and Dahon shops next door to one another.
Giant service sucked big-time, but that was just one rude lanbania. Not unusual for the PRC.

Thanks for the replies everyone! Already more than i was expecting.

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