Looking for Interior Designer Recommendations in Kaohsiung

Hi All, I am looking for some Interior Designer recommendations in Kaoshiung. I have been working with a designer that I am not very satisfied with, he hasn’t been a partner in the process and is currently causing more frustration than worth it.

I have actually sketched out what I want already and the place has already completed demolition. So it is a clean empty space easy to get the work done on. Timeline is flexible so looking for the right person to work with.

Overall what I really care about is transparency and partnership in building a great home for the family. If you enjoyed someone you worked with please share.

Welcome @jordanm, just clarifying it’s an interior designer you need, when you say it has completed demolition, it sounds like you need an architect.

Hi Shaun008 thanks so much for asking. I should have been more clear to begin with :).

It is a condo so the structure is still there. I have the dimensions/designs for all the walls drawn out. So really I guess I would need to work with a contractor for build out. For example the following needs to be done:

– Level the floors
– Construct non load bearing walls
– Run new electrical wiring (though we can handle this ourselves after framing)
– Water proofing bathrooms
– Final drywalling and painting

We don’t have much built in work like cabinets in our design so it is fairly straight forward.

As a background I am looking now since the person we were working with still hasn’t provided a quote for the work. We started working with them in March, so it doesn’t seem like they have any intent to complete the work unfortunately.

That’s a long time to put a quote together even for Taiwan