Looking For Ivory Snow!

I have developed a skin allergy to many laundry detergents, as well as alot of soaps. When I use
IVORY SOAP it does not bother me.

Now, I am looking for a place in Taiwan that sells IVORY SNOW LAUNDRY DETERGENT in either
powder or liquid form. I saw the liquid one once when I was out of town (and purchased 10 bottles
to the shock of my host there), but that store as well as others I have tried do not seem to carry it nowadays.

Where can I buy IVORY SNOW LAUNDRY DETERGENT in Taiwan?!?!?! Your help would be
greatly appreciated!!!

phew. i thought that was a euphemism for cocaine for a second there.

never seen it. sorry.

You might want to try some of the products listed in this other thread.