Looking For Jean Sheperd's "Christmas Story"

Has Christmas Story been released in Taiwan? I’m usually ok at seeking out old movies, but either it hasn’t made it here yet or the Chinese name is totally unrelated.

Please give me a link to the Taiwan release or it’s Chinese name.
I was watching Jeans other movie, MY Summer Story on MGM channel this morning. It was subtitled in Chinese. Could I have info on that also. Thanks.
Check out this clip from My Summer Story… youtube.com/watch?v=QKgEConbIqU

There is a top battle between two American elementary students. It’s really exciting and my students who top fight relate to it. Caution… cut the video before the teacher lets Ralphie, the protagonist, know that a book snuck from his parents room may not be appropriate for his book report.
Then again, maybe your older advanced students can deal with it.

If you have any of those DVD’s please PM me. I have huge collection of DVD’s, Maybe there is something you’d like to borrow in exchange for lending me. Thanks.