Looking for lady friends! (Taoyuan area)


Hello! I’m an American girl looking for friends/acquaintances in or around the Taoyuan area. I’ve lived in Taiwan for a few years and have had trouble keeping friends with Taiwanese girls (WHY is that!) so I’m looking for the possibility of making friends with other foreign ladies around my age (I’m 26) I live in a small district in Taoyuan City and I’m beginning to think I’m the only Westerner here! haha! If there are any other ladies out there in need of a friend or maybe want to add to their list of friends then please don’t hesitate to reply :slight_smile:
Just a bit of a heads up, like I said I’m 26, which isn’t considered old or anything however I’m married and expecting a child so if you’re looking for a friend to go to clubs with up in Taipei and meet cute guys well, I’m not your girl. I just want friends who like to chit chat, go out for food and coffee, enjoys learning about this lovely country and going on little adventures. :wink:

Look forward to meeting anyone I can!

Also, if there are any facebook groups for making friends, I’d love to hear about them!

(PS. I’m still open to the possibility of making friends with Taiwanese ladies too of course! I just haven’t had much luck thus far! haha)


Might I suggest looking into your hobbies or interests and go from there?

Not saying there’s anything wrong with you or the people you’ve tried making friends with, but maybe if you don’t have the same interest and your personalities clash, friendships don’t really last too long.

I myself had some issues with making friends when I first moved, but just followed my hobbies and believe it or not, it took a few years, but I did find a few people with very similar hobbies and personalities that are now friends I talk to on a regular basis.


waves Well, I’m in Taipei and a few years older than you. I spent a couple years bouncing between Taiwan and the States, and I’m finally here to settle down for good. Would be happy to make a few more friends, let me know if you’re ever coming into Taipei!


by anychance, are you still looking for friends to hang out with; i live in taipei


all the best !


Hello! Sorry I haven’t logged on in quite a while! I am still definitely open to making friends :slight_smile: anyone may feel free to message me! :slight_smile:


Hi there, Are u still looking for someone to hangout? I’m from NYC recently moved back to taoyuan. Let me know if you are still interested to meet new people in this town! See ya :slight_smile:


Hey, I know your original post was a while ago…but are you still interested in looking for friends in the TaoYuan area? I’m Taiwanese and a girl, although I’ve been living overseas most my life (my English is supperr American) and decided to move back to Taiwan recently.

I’m hoping to find other foreigners/English speakers to make friends with (ideally long time friends) but it seems like it’s way easier if you live in Taipei. Which isn’t the case for you and me it seems. I’m also 26, but people tell me I have an old soul. I’m all about going out for food/coffee, movies, discussing books or playing video/board games.

Let me know if you’re interested? :slight_smile: