Looking for lawyer regarding family law

My wife’s family keeps mentioning “suing for parental abandonment” and I would like a chance to speak to a couple of good lawyers as to what circumstances this can actually be a viable case for them, and what circumstances it would not. I am not looking for speculation and editorializing nonsense, just trying to find the RIGHT LAWYER TO TALK TO. Or any links to relevant information.

I would not mind listening to actual real-world examples of cases on this. But I only found a couple of references to this in my own searching online. It was hard for me to figure out the correct procedures when dealing with a traffic accident, for example, and I got conflicting advice from different lawyers. Anyways, I need good counsel NOW, so I will know what I need to know well before this ever gets to be a serious thing.

What do they mean by “suing for parental abandonment”? Is there a child involved, or are they referring to you and your wife not wishing to take care of them?

Exactly, me and my wife not taking care of them.

Refer to Articles 1114 and following of the ROC Civil Code to get a brief understanding first.