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OK, thanks roc …
When you throw out Macintoshes or bits of them, can you use regular garbage bags or do you have to buy fee-paid city government bags?

What kind of mac support can you offer. I have two dead Macs. Do you provide knowledgeable hardware service support? I have a first generation iBook and an old PowerMac 7200/120. After buying only Mac’s in my life, Macintosh Plus, Centris 610, PowerMac 7200/120, iBook, I just bought my first AMD XP 1800+ Win 2000 system. Why? Not because I don’t love my Mac and hate the beast, only because when my Mac breaks after warranty, it costs more to fix it than to replace it. When my sound chip breaks on my Mac, they replace my motherboard. When the sound card breaks on my PC, “I” replace the sound “card.” Again, I love my Mac, but my pockets are empty at times, and I’ll have to just dream about it. Do you have any advice on how to repair Macs, like an iBook cheaper than to replace it?

Question 1: Call the EPA. There’s a procedure for throwing away home electronics and computers. You can’t “legally” just take them to the street. To my knowledge, rules/laws relating to the disposition of unwanted electronics are still unsettled.

Question 2: I’d need to examine your machines. “Dead” really doesn’t tell me much as there are at least a dozen common reasons for computers to go “dead.”

Also, Mac service through official channels in Taiwan is notoriously bad, nay, s*cks – they’re really evil.

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