Looking for mandarin learning school

We are a British Chinese family and are looking for a manadarin learning school in the summer holidays for my 6 years old son. Any good recommendation in Taipei? I am asking about Berlitz Taipei ? How’s that ? If you have some good experience , let’s share ! Please provide the link also if you have any .

Before I share anything, I wanna know what’s in it for me. I mean, you said, “let’s share”. What are you going to share with me?

I’ve seen younguns (though not that young) at this place the few times I’ve taken classes there:

Here’s the main site if you can read Chinese:

Does he already have the Chinese basics and you want him to have more exposure? If that’s the case you could probably just enroll him in “any old” kindergarten for the summer. Maybe a place like Hess would do the trick.


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Thanks for your quick and useful information, miltownkid