Looking for metal musician

Hello, I’m new here. I’m an overseas Chinese from Indonesia. I’m a rhythm guitarist and I have a death metal project. Right now it’s only me alone doing the project. I want to look for someone who is willing to collaborate with me in the songwriting. But first I want to state that I’m not an expert guitarist. I can’t play lead but I can do basic stuff like Napalm Death’s Suffer the Children. I live in Zhongli (Taoyuan). If you don’t live in Zhongli, we can also work online, we can write guitar tab by using Guitar Pro. I don’t mind if you’re a guitarist, bassist or drummer, as long as you are into metal and willing to write metal music. Basically I’m into old school death metal, deathgrind and some black/death metal (or called war metal). You can contact me if you’re interested via my email, b9509027@gmail.com. Thx!