Looking for new apartment

I’ve seen some discussion here about the best areas to live and remember Lotus Hill being mentioned alot. We are looking for a new apartment about 55-70 ping and would like to hear some suggestions of places to look that are nice and beautiful but not too expensive. We like the community pool/tennis courts and views etc. Don’t need to go to Taipei so access to city is not important. Our budget is around 25-35K.

My friends have a place at Lotus Hill. PM me if you’d like to talk with her sometime. Thought you guys were moving off the island???

55-70 ping, for 25-35K a month is pushing it. I think in that sort of place you’d be looking at more like 1000 a ping.


I dunno. My friend’s place at Lotus Hill is in that size/price range. Can’t remember the specifics exactly, but I know it’s bigger than my place which, IMO, is already a good deal at $25,000