Looking for Orthodontist for Child


Can anybody recommend a good orthodontist, particularly one that has pediatric patients? My daughter will already have braces when we arrive in Taipei so we are hoping to find one that is open to a transfer case (from the U.S.). Thanks in advance!


I would recommend Dr. Li.
Chung-Hsing Li
The first one in this website.

He’s the chief of pediatric dentistry and specialized in orthodontics in Tri-service General Hospital in Neihu. He had studied in Boston for his PhD degree. I’ve seen him in many meetings in our hospital and I would recommend him.


A story for you: We took our kid to the dentist for a check up and he said that he had two bad teeth that needed capping. It cost 4,000 a tooth plus whatever the insurance was paying. Then no sooner was that finished then he said there was three more that needed capping. I got suspicious at that point and took him to the dental clinic in the hospital. They said there was nothing wrong with any of his teeth, and no need for any intervention at all. It looks like the original dentist just made up problems to cash in. Something to watch out for. Id recommend going to the hospital rather than any private clinic.


I’m so sorry you had that experience. Thank you for sharing. I will be on the lookout!


Thank you! I will contact Dr. Li’s office. Appreciate the recommendation.