Looking for our Brother

I am in Texas. I am trying to find my husbands brother, he hasn’t seen him in 20 yrs. He came here and stayed with them until 2000 and went back to Hualien and his mother’s family. We have no idea how to contact him or the rest of her family. She passed away 2 yrs ago and we have been searching since for him. His name is Ming Hui Yu born august 27 1968. Being so far away and the language difference makes it very difficult to even know where to start. If anyone can help or have an idea where I can start I would appreciate it. My husband has been there twice when he was younger and can almost pin point the area on a map as to where his mom is from. I have family pictures and home video of when they visited Taiwan.

Maybe it would help if the information is written more clearly. It’s very confusing.

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so, the mother of your husband and your husband’s brother is a taiwanese?

If so, your husband could start from getting the transcript of her household registration.

Do your husband and his brother have household registration and taiwanese passport too?

If so, your husband could get the transcript of brother’s household registration too.

Your husband may want to contact to US and Taiwan police’s, and American Institute in Taiwan, and National Immigration Agency of Taiwan to check the record of the brother’s entry and exit.

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So is your husband Taiwanese? And he hasn’t been back here for a long time, and has lost touch with his family?

Does your husband know his brother’s name in Chinese?

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what did you already do?

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My husbAnds mom and brother are Taiwanese. She came to the US in the 70s. His brother stayed in Taiwan with his grandparents and only came over in his teens. He stayed in the US until he returned to Taiwan in 2000. My husband only visited Taiwan twice when he was about 10. But vividly remembers the area they stayed with his aunts and cousins. I believe his mother lost contact with her Taiwanese family after her parents passed. He remembers being in Fengbin township and visiting the taroko national park on scooters with family. He remembers sleeping on the rooftop and being able to see the ocean. When his mother passed we searched paperwork and can’t find any information she left to be able to find Taiwanese family. I have used the internet to search mainly but I have been battling cancer so searching has been slow. I’m feeling well now and I would love to find my husbands brother for him. We are considering coming to Taiwan next yr as long as my health is good. I know this is confusing but I just don’t know where to look.

I don’t know the best resources to track down family like this, but would imagine there’s local info / records that would help. Can someone help here? They’d need to know the Chinese name, in Chinese characters.

did you get the whole transcript of her household registration? There should be at least the names of her parents and her registered permanent address, with her national ID number and birthday.

The first thing I thought of is sending a letter to the police station at the area of her permanent address or the place your husband visited when he was young, to request searching her family, especially the brother, with the transcript and a document proving that your husband is her son.

But, do you mean she didn’t left any taiwanese ID? you cannot recover the info from US record? In that case, I still think your husband could send the request with a family photo and his ID to a police at the area where you know the brother was.

So he’s from Fengbin? And close enough to the ocean to be able to see it from the house? That’s a very good start.

Fengbin area has very few people, few towns, and almost no towns near the beach. Fengbin town is mostly away from the beach but there are places to see the beach. It also has a high population of Aboriginal.

But there are some hotels in Fengbin area near the beach which matches the description.

Does he remember this as a living location or maybe a visiting location at a hotel? And does he remember if it was a town-like setting or country-like setting and how many people and buildings are around?

I know it’s hard to remember as a child because everything seems so big.

I remember going to one town in which you had a decent view of the ocean. Not all the houses had that ocean view, but many of them. I remember thinking how I wished my wife was from there instead of more inland. And the town had a very good vibe to it and was very clean.

But yeah, you can drive along the Hwa Dong Oceanside Road (or whatever it’s called in English) for long stretches without seeing any towns close to the Pacific Ocean.

There’s also the fishing port town of Shi-Ti-Ping down south. A little village right there, but maybe not close enough for ocean views. Not sure now.

It’s a incredibly beautiful spot and hardly even a village. Just the fishing port and seafood restaurant, a few sparsely located houses and maybe 3 B&B. Nothing after dark and 20 minutes to a 7-Eleven :laughing:

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The owners of the B&B “石梯33號民宿” (https://nakaw.hlbnb.com.tw/about.htm) right behind the campgrounds are an Aboriginal couple.

Their village is further away from the ocean and across the Oceanside Highway. It didn’t look like many houses but I do remember it being a village, although a very small one.