Looking for pet related organisations for school trip

I’m teaching a summer class module on pets. I’m going to try to stress things like welfare, responsibility, commitment not to mention the appropriateness of pets to certain environments (cue photos of huskies sleeping on snow in their natural environment) and also question just how much fun a bird born to fly can have in a 1 foot square jail, I mean cage.

Enough of the politics. Aside from all this, I’m hoping to make an afternoon out. I’m wondering if there is a Taiwanese animal welfare organisation, like the RSPCA or whatever and whether they or anyone else might have any ideas for a couple of hour school trip.

Can’t do the zoo since we’re taking them there this week. The kids are about 7.

Why don’t you talk to Sean at Animals Taiwan? He might be willing to arrange a tour of their facility or recommend another that would meet your needs.

APA (Animal Protection Association) in Bali has a facility that is well run and safe for children. I am not sure what they would provide in terms of educational information or material.

We had a pets related theme at school once and I asked a vet to come and talk at our school about how to care for a pet. He brought a cat and a rabbit with him.

Dr Dog also visited our school once. 2 ladies each brought a dog, one lab and one miniature poodle thingy. They talked about dog training and demonstrated some general obedience commands as well as tricks. Of course the kids loved that.