Looking for piano teacher

Hi everyone,

Hundreds of years ago, music education was much different. Ornamentation and composition was an integral part of learning.

Any teachers out there like the ones of the good 'ole days? I like to experiment and write. Forget playing other people’s work.

If I play a short melody, who can teach me how to make a fugue or whatever out of it? Who can someday teach me how to write a concerto? Anyone that sits at the piano and just spends hours on end improvising? People play guitars like that. People learn art like that. People used to learn classical music like that. too bad.

Music education will someday change. Maybe there’s people like that already.


fugue: tell you what. when i have some time, let’s investigate fugue together. maybe i can guide you in your efforts to write a fugue. it’s not something i’ve been really into, but i love fugue and understand basically how it’s done. it’s something that’s in my bag but it’s way down at the bottom if you know what i mean. interesting challenge. hope maybe i can help you.

that’d be cool.

What I’m pretty much doing is spending all my time improvising and trying to write. I’ll teach myself theory as I go along. That’s fairly how education was done back in the day. Much more creative and fun.

What are the standard theory books? I heard Rameau was mistaken about counterpoint; that’s all I know. Berlioz’s book about instrumentation would be a good read; I love Berlioz.


i didn’t know about remeau’s theory error, but sometimes an “error” makes for interesting mistakes. one thing i find is that too much theory will tie you up. counterpoint should be a reflexive, mirror image between the two hands sort of thing, of course staying harmonically intact. you really need to play some bach two-part inventions… A LOT! pretty soon the mirror thing becomes sort of reflexive, and your hands feel like two spiders with a mind of their own!play counterpoint, don’t write it!!

it sounds like a lot of fun.

My housemate sold her piano. I might have to get one. I think locking myself in my room and improvising is the way–like doodling on the piano.

Til then, i’m listening to more piano. I have notation software so one day I’ll start getting midi files and learn to read along with the music.

Do you play much these days rantheman?