Looking for produce

Opening up a restaurant soon, but i am just gathering up my thoughts and organizing a menu. I am still a Taiwanewbie, so I’m wondering where I could find a few things.
First, a source for food items, such as produce, meats, fish, etc. In America, if you have a restaurant, you can just place orders through certain companies which supplied a specific item, and they do deliveries on a specified day. There must be something similar here, but I can’t seem to find any…could someone point me in the right direction?
Second, i’m looking for restaurant type furniture. I’ve already looked at B&Q and will probably look at Ikea in the near future, but if anyone has any other suggestions on where I could find more ideas, it would help greatly!

Personally, I’d take a good translator to a traditional market and get ready to bargain for both goods and connections. This stuff all comes from somewhere and, usually, somewhere not to far off; talk to the guy chopping off chickens’ heads and find out how one would go about placing a bulk order. Same goes for anything there. Work your way up the chain, cut out the middlemen, and connect to sources. If farmers are shipping in crates to the market, anyway, they shouldn’t have a problem shipping a few extra crates to you at wholesale knowing it’s guaranteed business. And never underestimate the power of a well-placed bribe to get yourself connected; lots of these people probably won’t be overly forthcoming in handing over their sources so you may need to make it worth their while.