Looking for Research Project Participants: English Native Speakers Needed


We are from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), and we are currently conducting a research project sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). As things are getting better with COVID-19, we have decided to start recruiting participants again.

We are looking for English native speakers to participate in our psycholinguistic experiments. The participants will view pictures and read English sentences on the computer screen and answer some relevant questions. It takes about 50-60 minutes to complete the whole experiment. You will be paid 800 NTD for your participation. The following is some important information:


  1. English native speakers age above 20 years old

  2. Parents are both English native speakers


Psycholinguistics Lab (A525, 5F, Humanity & Social Science Building, NTHU campus)

[Time Length] About 1 hour

[Payment] 800 NTD

Your participation will be very helpful to improve our understanding of language processing mechanisms. Please fill out the Google forms below to register and check out more details:

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