Looking for school & residence options

I m new to this app. We are moving to Taipei in a month or two.
My husband’s office is at sec 4Chung hsiao E .road Taipei.please suggest which location to stay at.I have daughter who is 3 year old .
I m looking for
1)a fully furnished rental apartment & how much is approximately rental for a month.
2) a good school near to this location.
3) Is this location has a proper connectivity to other parts.like conveyance is available??
4) grocery stores / vegetable market.
Thanks in advance

Zhongxiao East Road?

Try PX Mart. They have locations all over the city.



what kind of environment do you want? Or should it be nearby the office location? If so, how near?

It is a business area, so some people may not want to live around the location. Some people may like.

how many rooms? Should it be a new building?

local Mandarin preschool or you want English? Or you are asking about elementary school?

You may check Taipei map.

MRT is one of main transportation in Taipei, if other part mean other areas in Taipei. The office location is nearby Zhonxiao Dunhua on the Blue Line.

It is roughly 1 hour from a terminal to another terminal of each Line.

I m looking for fully furnished one BHK apartment. Old or new both are OK. Must have playing area for kid
My kid will attend a kindergarten. So american / English school will be better.
Location for stay must have nearby grocery stores.

grocery stores are everywhere, so you should first decide the residence area.

if you want an international kindergarten, there are only a few, so the areas you look into are limited.

There are more local kindergarten with English, so in that case, you may decide a residence area first, then pick up a school.

Until someone will post more practical information, you could do some forum search to get some idea where you want to live and what is the cost.

FYI some relevant threads

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