Looking for Senior Java Developers



I work for a foreign company that has a branch office in Taipei. We are struggling to find good Java Developers with good English skills. All our staff need to have good English skills as we need to work together with the headquarters in Europe.

I am a engineer working for this company and a foreign person that has little Chinese and Chinese skills are not required working here, we are looking for engineers with strong software engineering skills and conceptual understanding of software architecture.

As we are a branch office, we don’t have the required revenue to sponsor an ARC, we would be looking for people with existing work permit.

I am not part of the HR department, so I cannot post any detailed salary information, sorry. (It’s not something I have access to) (We are not local company, so it is better than local company, payroll is done by a large accounting company, so everything is done by the book, NHI etc.).

You can message me with your CV or LinkedIn profile if you might be interested or any groups or forums we might be able to find candidates on.



Please disregard this post, I am no longer able to recommend this company.