Looking for serious ELT work


Hello everyone,

I’m a CELTA-trained English language teacher. I live in Taichung and have decided for personal reasons to switch schools and move onto serious language teaching. I was trained to teach adults, and then for a few months last year I taught multilingual teenage classes in Oxford (England). Although going to one is an option, teaching at a buxiban is not my first preference because the teaching technique here is so vastly different to anything we use at foreign language schools in England, and although enjoyable is not something I would like to do long term (i.e. longer than a year or so).

If you know of any agents that can help me with this, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Hello Tom,

I would avoid agents. I’m not sure about Taichung. I have been teaching in Taipei for many years, with a CELTA and DELTA. If you are serious about teaching, contact the British Council. I have taught there, and I currently teach at a British/Irish owned buxiban. Pretty much all of the classes are test orientated (IELTS), but that doesn’t mean the teachers have to teach in a boring, test prep style. I certainly don’t. Maybe you can try some of the IELTS schools in Taichung. Good luck.