Looking for Simplfied Chinese font for MAC

Read the subject. I’m looking for Simplfied Chinese font for MAC use. If anyone knows where I can get it or purchase it, please pm me. I’m desperately looking for the font so that I can finsh laying tha pages for the client.


I’m using OSX10.35 and have the options for either trad or complicated - don’t have to download. If you are using OS9 you need to install the Chinese Language Kit from your system disc (custom install - language kit) - simplified and trad, options are there too. Hope this is of some help.

Thanks a lot, pjdrib.

I think there are some system fonts (Traditional and Simplfied Chinese) are already installed in the systems. I’m using OS 10 by the way. However there are only a few in the system and I don’t think those are good choices as I’m designing a company profile in both language of Simplfied Chinese and English. I’m looking for san serif font of Simplfied Chinese. (in Chinese the font I’m looking for is called " black type".)

I’ve looked for the font online but could hardly found any. Most are for PC…so if anyone knows where to find it. I need that information sooner.