Looking for some fantasy


Is there any place in Taipei where I can get 28mm miniatures, terrain and/or RPG gaming supplies?

Thanks in advance.


Have you found any yet? I swear I’ve seen some. I’ll try harder to find out where if you’re still unanswered.

Nope, nothing here in Taiwan…I guess that I’m stuck with ebay. I am having our art teacher build a 28mm castle. And maybe after that, I will ask her to add on to our village terrain.

I appreciate you keeping an eye out for that kind of stuff but please don’t go out of your way.

Thanks for everything.


I just figured one of those model stores I’m always walking by might have’em. Next time I walk by one, I’ll pop my head in for a look.

In the Lai Lai bookstore that is down the alley near Gongguan there is one set of dark elves miniatures in a box. They were all the way in the back. BTW Lai lai also has a growing fantasy/scifi section of books, plus they give 10% off. It’s a small but good place to shop. Good luck.

a place to check if you were in the neighborhood would be the wannian department store on xining south road in ximending. either the third or fourth floor has a lot of model stores and i think one or two that sell miniatures.

Thanks Daltongang,

I will print this bad boy out and the next time I’m in Taipei I will certainly go and have a look.

Very much appreciated.

I don’t think they have figures, but there’s a bookstore that’s really good for fantasy novels on Jin Hua St in Taipei. If you walk from Heping E Rd, walking Nth along Xinsheng S Rd, past the mosque the entrance to Jin Hua St is opposite Da An Park. the store is a few minutes down on the right. Go upstairs. Lots of fantasy novels and even some D&D (personally I can’t satnd D&D, but they do have Call of Cthulhu, which is good fun).


i have alot of Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures, half of them un-opened (mainly, high elves, dark elves, and dwarves). If interested just reply here and i’ll check back.

Hi… I am a Warhammer player… are there any groups of foreigners who play warhammer on the island. I live in Taichung and would be interested in meeting other players.

If there are people living in other cities, then it might be possible to organize a gaming event of some kind every couple of months or so.

I also used to play D&D… are there any groups doing that on the island…?


I am also very into building my own terrain… Am trying to build an Empire themed watch tower right now and a Wood Elf Tree fort.


I also used to play D&D… are there any groups doing that on the island…

Oh yeah! My group in Kaohsiung has been together for quite a while. We have invested quite a bit of loot in minis and Dwarven Forge stuff. Great gaming group!

Anybody know of any groups based in Taichung???



Sylex Bookstore is on Jin Hua Jie in Taipei, just down from the NCCU Ext. Center. They have English books but no miniatures. There are some miniatures in the old gaming/comic center plaza in Shihmingdian down from Eslite Bookstore. If you find other more reliable stuff, let me know and I’ll put it on the resource pages at phillips.personal.nccu.edu.tw/tits/index.html