Looking for someone

Does anyone of you happen to know a guy named Michael Mistrot? I met him in college back in the US. He married a Taiwanese wife and was attending Texas A&M until he went back to Taiwan again with his wife a couple of years ago… To the best of my knowledge, he should still be in Taiwan now. He used to study Wing-chung Kong Fu in Taipei.


Yeah, I know Michael. He has been at Texas A&M for about three years. Actually, he will be returning to Taiwan on May 18th for the summer. Send me a private message if you want his email address or want to know anything else.

Does anyone know an Erik Freeman? He has a brother in LA, who is friends with my brother. For some reason, I’m under the impression he may be around the Taichung area.

Heck, as long as we’re playing this game…does anyone know a guy named Louis Lima? Used to live in Taipei for a couple of years, left Taiwan in 1999. He grew up in Guatemala but is a US citizen, speaks excellent English and Spanish and pretty fair Chinese. Used to study at Shita, too. I think his family is from Long Island.