Looking for something to do in the afternoons


I’m going to be visiting Taipei for almost 3 months from March, taking chinese lessons. I’m booked in the mornings to take the lessons, but in the afternoons I’ll often be free (except for going to the gym a few times a week).

I’d like to find some thing(s) that I can do which maybe would help with my chinese language learning, but also to meet some new people, and perhaps do something “useful”.

However, I do not need (or want) to work…I will be on a visitor visa, so I can’t work anyway.

I just wondered if anyone had any ideas about things I could do?

Thanks for any suggestions!


PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Do you like dogs? Or cats? We always need help at our rescue centre. Walking dogs, cleaning, fixing, making, painting, building, admin, taking photos, writing adoption profiles … what are you good at? :slight_smile:

Sean, my wife and I would be willing to lend a hand when we can pm with the details: location etc and we can arrange to come by and lend a hand.