Looking for StarCraft Board Game Players

Hi Guys

I just bought a StarCraft board game. I’m looking for five people to join me for a game on an upcoming Saturday or Sunday.

As the game is complicated and has a fairly large game manual you should be a native speaker of English.
Also, you should be willing to have a good read of the manual before you play.

Check out Tom Vasel’s review.

Leave me a message at forumosa.com or email me at andrewburgon@hotmail.com if you are interested.
Please tell me a little bit about yourself. As for me, I’m a 40 year old Aussie who has been living in Taiwan
for over 16 years.

I sometimes host other games at my place like Age of Empires III or Hotel.
If StarCraft is too complicated but you are interested in playing other games let me know.
I sometimes have room for another player and would like to meet new people who have the same interest.