Looking for sugar substitute

I used to find sugar substitutes in different stores. Locally produced Sentosa was one then Garland packets from Costco.

Anyone know where to get the sugar subs like equal they have in some chain coffee stores?

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I buy Monkfruit from Shopee and Citysuper when they have it.


Why not just use honey?

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Cause honey is still sugar.

I thought he was referring to refined white sugar.

No no. He’s looking for a sweetener.

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PX Mart has huge bottles of high fructose corn syrup.


Also not really a sugar substitute lol.


Gulp those babies down.

Glucose-Fructose is…not exactly what @stinsonlover is looking for.

Jesus. Might as well drink meths.

I bought some erithrytol off iHerb. I seem to get headaches every time I have it - hate the crap. Now I’m back on the juice. Taiwan big sugar wins again.

I love to sweeten my coffee and tea. I don’t want to use sugar and have avoided it for decades. Terrible for the body, teeth, etc…

Where is the monkfruit produced?

Are you able to ergonomically chug straight from the bottle?

Then you’ll like monkfruit.

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Southeast Asia and the southern People’s Republic of China.

Is it? I thought honey was honey.

Of course, that’s why bees make it. It’s an energy source that artificial sweeteners don’t have.

Honey is primarilty glucose and fructose.

I had a friend sending me pocket sized dispenser that you click and a little tablet would drop into your drink. They would easily dissolve even in cold drinks. It was perfect. Didn’t even need a spoon. Just dunk the tea bags or swirl the cup a little.