Looking for sympathy? Think before you do it?

I found that there were some people here actually telling people about the arguments or stupit/dumb things made by their gf. theres nothing wrong to do whatever makes u happy…however, no one is perfect. when ur writing something like that in order to gain some sympathy from people, the one u actually care might get hurt from it. Image that if it is ur gf doing that to u and u just happen to read the post? how would you feel? will that cause another argument? it is just different from asking question or suggestions here…its really easy to hurt someone u love but its hard to find someone to love…

have a nice weekend guys!

I think you’re just fishing for sympathy. :wink:

My avatar says it all…

I stubbed my toe and got a horrid boo-boo on it. :cry: :snivel: :cry: :snivel:

Ahh, there there Sandy-wandy.

It’s alright, Mummy’s here now.

I’M perfect.

so much for THAT theory.

“boo-boo”…? :ponder:

She’s right. I am amazed at how open some people are here online, writing very personal things that are available for all to see. If you think you can trust everyone who reads the site to be kind, understanding, and nonjudgemental, you’re living in lala land.

If my SO wrote private things about me online, I’d be very pissed off.