Looking for tailor

Does anyone know of a good tailor in Taipei who can make western-style clothes?


If you’re talking suits, trousers, shirts, I recommend my tailor, on Minsheng E. Rd, a few blocks east of Tun Hua. I don’t know the name or address but the phone is 7136986 or 7182722. His English isn’t very good, though, so I hope you or your partner speak Chinese.

Hi, when wandering around in the city y realized that there are quite a lot of tailor shops around
and I rembembered that friends of mine got some suits tailored in south east asia, a thing you could not even think of in europe. Has anyone experience here about what are the prices
or maybe can even recommend a taylor?

You can get a good suit from a tailor for 15000NT or so. Try the guy behind the Lai Lai Sheraton Hotel. Also try a search here under ‘tailor’ and you’ll find lots of results.


try dihua street
there is a shabby three story mall packed with tailors and textile-suppliers north of the main station (about 15min).
all you need to bring is your favorite italian-designed photo of the suit you want and -en plus-some time to chose the fabric (yourself).
i had a great suit tailored (oh, be aware there is no english speaker around!) for 10000NT (including good fabrics). and theyre fast, too.

I strongly recommend “Joseph Tailor” next to the Ritz hotel. He is more expensive than most but much better quality. You can get a top grade suit for NT$ 20,000. Cheaper material can be less.