Looking for Taipei Radio Steaming

I am not entirely sure if this belongs here, however, I am looking for something that is not obvious (at least to those not in-country at the moment). Does anyone here have a good recommendation for an online/ streaming radio station from Taiwan/ Taipei. If possible two stations, one for news and such (needs to be an English broadcast) and one that play music. The music station doesn’t have to be any specific genre and does not need to be in English. It only needs to play what is popular in Taipei (or popular underground if it exists, yay pirate radio). If anyone knows anything about streaming radio in Taipei, please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance :smiley:

the only steaming im aware of is currently coming from my toilet

If you are looking for news and information try Radio Taiwan International


I’m a pro in this field. Check these links out:


www.somafm.com ( 9 stations) I love GrooveSalad and IndieRock