Looking for Taiwanese interviewees for thesis project


I’m completing my master’s in applied linguistics and teaching methodology at a local university. My thesis project is centered on attitudes and motivation and how they relate to English skill/learning.

I’m looking for people to interview. Specifically, I’m looking for Taiwanese nationals who live in Taiwan, and have not spent more than a few months living abroad (none is great). Also, I’m hoping to find people who did not major in English/linguisitics while in university, and do not teach English. If they have done this in the past, but are not currently doing so, this might work out as well.

There is a gift for your participation, and the interview can end anytime the interviewee does not feel like continuing (as per standard). It lasts 2 hours on average. Males/Females both encouraged. I need about 18 respondents, and I have already completed 4.

Please PM for more information if you are interested.
Or email: xtrain_01@yahoo.ca

Thanks for your time.

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OK, if you do not get any answers, we have two opportunities:

  1. I am emulating a Taiwansese citizen.

  2. I ask my wife to answer your stuff. But you would have to pay. She is Taiwanese you know :stuck_out_tongue:

your wife would be fine. the interview would be in english, and there is a reward for participation. if she is interested, i can let you know more in a PM.

i am still looking for 3-4 people, preferably from outside the taipei/taoyuan area.

while appreciate your offer of number one, i just don’t think it will work. :laughing:

[quote=“xtrain”]your wife would be fine. the interview would be in English, and there is a reward for participation. if she is interested, I can let you know more in a PM.

I am still looking for 3-4 people, preferably from outside the Taipei/Taoyuan area.

while appreciate your offer of number one, I just don’t think it will work. :laughing:[/quote]

… um … did I mention she never tells the truth when asked personal quesitons? She is Taiwanese … :smiley:

Sorry… maybe someone else is better :blush:

at least you’re helping this get viewed …

any interested parties out there? it’s really not all that demanding, and you will be helping to improve the state of english education in taiwan (if all goes well) …


Since you can offer compensation, why not contact one of the local universities and ask if there are any students who would be willing to do your survey or whatever it is? Go further south if you want to get out of the “many people have been abroad” Taipei environment.

Failing that, just stand in front of a major department store with a sign. I kid you not. I used to have to do that back when I was in grad school, although I didn’t have any money to pay and had to bribe people with cookies. :frowning:

thanks for the suggestions … i have enough students/young people already. i’m hoping to get more people in the 30-40, 40-50, 50-60 brackets.

i have leads on a number of potentials, but put up a post in hopes of running into complete strangers that might be interested. not desperate (yet) :slight_smile:

If you’re obviously a foreigner (in appearance, I mean), why not dress up fairly nicely and just accost people in public places (coffee shops, McDonald’s, etc.)? Usually we foreigners can start conversations for any or no reason, and people will “accept” it. You might get lucky that way. If Deaf people can walk into restaurants and put cards in front of people asking for donations, you could probably get away with something similar for a couple of days, right? :smiley:

bump …

the process is two-part, the first taking pictures (over a week or so), and the second talking about them. so i need more than just a possible maybe (which i could get standing outside malls), as i am supplying the cameras. :slight_smile:

any posters have a wife/hubby/SO that didn’t specifically take english as a major, or teach it for more than a year, that might be interested? having taken english courses would not disqualify you. i’m hoping to get a few respondents from ilan/suao, and maybe from the south. heading to taichung to interview next week.

there is a gift for participating, which i will discuss with you.


hi - halfway through the interviews. while not easy, all respondents thus far have found the process to be interesting and worthwhile.

still looking for a warm body or two from the eastern side of the island.